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Open Exhibitions and Competitions for Artists

So, you want to get your work out there but not sure how or where to even start? Maybe you don’t have quite enough work to create your own solo exhibition, but you still want to start getting yourself known. Well I have created this list which identifies Juried Open Art Exhibitions and Competitions which you can apply to and if you are selected you get the opportunity to show your art to the world. It is the perfect way for emerging artists to start advertising what they can do.

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FREE Reference Photo Websites for Artists

Drawing from just the imagination isn’t always the easiest and most reliable way of creating a realistic piece of art. It is more helpful to have a photo to work from. If you are unable to take your own reference photos from real life then I have put together a helpful list of free image websites which any artist can use to create their wonderful works of art. By using a free image, it allows you to sell your artwork without breaking any copyright laws. There are many paid image websites to choose from but if you wanted to find a good variety of images to use for your art without breaking the bank then this is the list for you!

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