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My Article in Sir K Magazine

I am so excited to announce that my article ‘NASA Engineer turned Pet Portrait Artist’ has been published in the July 2019 issue of Sir K Magazine. Sir K. is a free monthly magazine in English designed for students from all over the world and interviews that are always up to date and in step with the times.

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Now an Award Winning Artist

I am so proud and excited to announce that after entering my first ever at competition I have won three awards!! I entered the Light Space Time - 555 Special 2019 competition and three of my colour pencil artworks were chosen. One of my artworks even came in 4th place which I think is amazing out of 1,165 entries.

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FREE Reference Photo Websites for Artists

Drawing from just the imagination isn’t always the easiest and most reliable way of creating a realistic piece of art. It is more helpful to have a photo to work from. If you are unable to take your own reference photos from real life then I have put together a helpful list of free image websites which any artist can use to create their wonderful works of art. By using a free image, it allows you to sell your artwork without breaking any copyright laws. There are many paid image websites to choose from but if you wanted to find a good variety of images to use for your art without breaking the bank then this is the list for you!

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