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Must Have Paper & Pencils for Colour Pencil Portraits

If you have read my last blog post you would know the 5 Essential Tools I cannot live without when it comes to creating my colour pencil portraits. But, I’m sure you’d like to know about the colour pencils and paper I actually use for my professional portraits. Therefore, I have written this blog post on specifically the colour pencil and paper brands that I use, with links,  for my professional pet portraits. I hope this is helpful for those of you wondering and starting out in colour pencil.

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Engineering or Art?

As a child I had always loved drawing and colouring for hours on end. I went through hundreds of colouring books and tried every medium of art imaginable. I was forever creating and imagining beautiful animals and plants to draw until I was told I had to pick a ‘real career’. I don’t understand why we are told, so young, that art and music are just hobbies, not career paths. Becoming a doctor or an Engineer is the ideal path and so that is what I chose.

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