Find the Perfect Picture

When looking through your pictures and albums of your loved ones and pets, or taking a new picture yourself, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Good Lighting – is your picture light enough to see your pet?

  • True eye colour – does the picture show the true eye colour of your pet?

  • True fur colour – does the picture show the true fur colour of your pet?

  • Visible fur direction – can you see the fur in detail?

  • A good distance from the camera – is your pet too far away and hard to see?

Below is an example of a bad picture vs a good picture:

If you are having trouble choosing a reference picture of your pet then please feel free to send me a selection and we can discuss together which would be good for creating your custom pet portrait.


Try photographing your pet doing something they love to capture their personality.  If they are crazy for play time, try holding a squeaky toy or treats in one hand to help direct their gaze towards the camera while they are looking happy and energetic.  If they are more of a couch potato, get down to their level and get a great snap of them looking to the camera with their soulful eyes.  You know your pet best, so just keep in mind their personality when trying to get that perfect reference photo!

Multiple Pets On One Page

If you would like a ‘family portrait’ drawn of your pets altogether but can’t get a picture of them sitting together then don’t worry! With the right selection of photos, I will be able to draw them all together for you. The example below shows how I have drawn four cats together from four separate photos.

Or, you can have a more traditional style of a portrait with just head an neck poses like the image below made from separate photos. If you would like any of these options or need help choosing the right photo then please contact me and we can discuss the best picture selection together.