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Testimonials from my wonderful clients. The reason I do this job!

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Omg ..... this made me emotional! I LOVE IT! My amazing beautiful boy you have captured his loving heart he is so special. Thank you Sema this is the best gift from my family ever. I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Bless you and your special gift ❤perfect, absolutely stunning I’m so happy and grateful to you. Thank you so much xxx
— Debbie, UK
They both look perfect and delighted with the end product. Thank you very much. They will hang in style in our dog portrait gallery. Thanks very much.
— Allan, UK
We gave Shell Polly’s portrait yesterday. She loved it and is fascinated by your drawing skills. Thank you so much.
— Mel, AUS
Kiki, colour pencil cat portrait testimonial
Sema is a truly amazing artist, she exceeded all my expectations.
The wonderful artwork brought our late Kiki back to life, it has an effect on my heart every time I look at it.
It really is one of my most precious belongings. Thank you Sema
— Lucy, UK
Thank you Sema for the beautiful Portraits of Thomas & Elsa. These are my favourite poses of them and you have captured every detail. I absolutely love the way you put so much detail in your portraits....I really feel I could reach out and stroke their soft fur! These portraits will have pride of place in my home, pretty much like Thomas & Elsa.
— Flora, UK
Sunshine is my first rescue cat so I really wanted to have a special portrait of her and I couldn’t be happier! Sema did an amazing job of capturing not only her physical appearance but her personality as well. When I look at her portrait side by side with the original photo, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more!! Now that my rescue cat family has grown, I will be obtaining more portraits from Sema and I know I won’t be disappointed. Thank you Sema!! You are a gifted, talented, amazing artist!!!
— Clare, USA
I am so pleased with Mimi’s portrait that I have put it as my wallpaper on my mobile and my profile picture on Facebook. It is beautiful! Really looks like her. It is almost 3D especially the whiskers. The packaging was lovely. All tied up with a blue ribbon with the black box and certificate. It really is like a present. I will not hesitate to recommend you. I might put it in a clip frame to start with so as not to distract from the portrait. Once again thank you!
— Margaret, Spain
I just received a Portrait and I have to say your work is amazing I am so so pleased with it it is beautiful. Now the hard part of me having to wait the six months to give this for Christmas is going to kill me LOL. I cannot thank you enough for doing this work I really appreciate it and my wife is going to love it thank U thank U thank U!
— Amber, USA
I am thrilled with my portrait of Charlie. I feel like I have my best friend with me in my office. My greeting cards and print came out great. Even Charlie is a little bit jealous!
— Sam, USA
Megatron ram is Proud of his portrait and mommy is very very pleased with it. It’s stunning and captures his cattitude perfectly Thank you so much
— Kat, USA
Made me cry……. It’s them! Thank you for this perfect rendering of them……Turned out BEAUTIFUL! It’s SO beautiful! You really outdid yourself on this one! THANKS!
— Debbie, USA
My Mam was absolutely delighted with the portrait. She thought it was a photograph at first and she was blown away when I told her it wasn’t! You really captured Jess beautifully, not just her appearance but her spirt as well which will live on forever now through such a beautiful picture. There were some tears shed but I knew we would both end up crying when she opened it.
My Mam spent a lot of Christmas going around the house trying to figure out where the portrait would go best on the wall and showing any visitors straight away on arrival! haha. She said it was best Christmas present she’s ever gotten :)
— Steph, IRE
Denise loves her Christmas portrait of Sherbert. Thank you again, Sema for such brilliant work!
— Pat, AUS
My wife and I want to thank you again for an amazing job you did with the portrait of our 2 boys, Leo & Max. To our amazement and joy, you have really captured their likeness and personalities! They are very special litter mates and your portrait is just incredibly lifelike. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful portrait of our 2 boys!
— Mike & Dawn, USA
Sema Martin of Ames Art Studio did an amazing job of crafting Baker’s likeness in a portrait that was a gift to my mom! Not only does the beautiful piece of artwork resemble our cat, it also captures his personality and gentle manner! Many people who have seen the portrait commented on how soft and realistic his fur looks. It is a cherished memento of a much-loved companion!
Sema is an exceptionally gracious and attentive artist! I commissioned my Christmas gift in summer, and was a little anxious about its progress as the months passed. Sema answered each of my email inquiries in a prompt manner and kept me apprised of her schedule. She gave me a timeline of when she would begin Baker’s portrait and when it would be shipped, and she precisely met every quoted date, allowing me time to have it framed, wrapped, and placed under the tree. Sema is polite, considerate, and trustworthy. I do not hesitate in endorsing her! I will most definitely be commissioning future portraits from Ames Art Studio! Thank you, Sema!
— Rebecca, USA
I’ve got to say that although I was initially impressed when I saw this, the photo above of the drawing doesn’t do it justice. I cried when I opened it, it is absolutely beautiful. Sema has captured our boys perfectly, Jack & Junior often sleep with their arms around one another.
— Jo Taylor, Spain
My daughter loves to dress her up, she has loads of outfits!. She absolutely loves it & was very surprised when she opened it.
— Malindi, AUS
I gave the picture to my mom yesterday and she LOVED it!   She knew it was Mr Buffalo immediately and hugged it to her.  I think to cover the tears in her eyes!  Shortly after giving her the picture, we went to my nephew’s birthday party.  My mom brought the picture (safely in a frame) to the party and showed it off to everyone!  My whole family was in awe at how AMAZING your work is.  Thank you again!  This is something we will treasure for many years.  Mr Buffalo even replaced some family photos on the wall, LOL!
— Carrie, USA
It’s spectacular thanks again for bringing Storm to life with your drawing, I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it. Thanks again for your wonderful artwork. I’m sure I’ll definitely order another portrait in the future too!
— Joshua, AUS
'Socks' Cat Portrait, USA
We are thrilled. My husband is so happy with socks. He has framed it and hung it over his desk. It was his father’s day present, but I couldn’t wait and I gave it to him as soon as it arrived. Thank you sooo much.
— Jean, USA
Belle Pet Portrait
I received my portrait of our cat Belle. It was so beautiful and accurate. It is like you have given her back to us. Thank you so much
— Jane, AUS
I received my cats’ portrait today, and was blown away by its accuracy. Sema is a lovely girl to work with. She listened to my description and completed the portrait exactly as described. She does amazingly beautiful work. I would give her more than 5 stars if possible. Thank you for a lovely memory of my Marvin.
— Cindy, USA
Tina Pet Portrait
By far the best artist I’ve ever come across, so talented. Will be definitely getting another pet portrait from Sema again! Recommend to everyone!
— Kiri, Australia
Sprinkles is very pleased with her portrait and so is my mum. It’s stunning and really captures that mischievous twinkle in her eye! Thank you soo much for creating the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.
— Hannah, UK
Hercules Pet Portrait
Sema has just finished a portrait of my black Labrador, Hercules. To say I am pleased with it would be a gross understatement; I am overwhelmed by her breath-taking talent. The texture and detail she has created in the black fur is stunning and she has captured Hercules’ expression better than I do in most photographs I take! Not only is she an exceptionally talented artist, she is a pleasure to deal with. She responded to emails promptly, kept me informed of progress and even finished ahead of schedule. The progress shots she emailed are also a fascinating keepsake of the creative process. I cannot recommend Ames Art strongly enough, I’m almost tempted to buy another dog, just so I can get another portrait done!!
— Katherine, UK
We received our beautiful picture today!! Proud owners of a beautiful portrait of our beautiful Miss Boots! Thank you so much!
— Donald, USA
My beautiful Blackie Chan’s picture came the other day and I’m just in love! I lost him last May and just wanted that something special to remember him ❤️ I can’t wait to hang this and see it everyday. Pictures defiantly dont do it justice! I can’t wait to get my other animals done 🐱🐶 I can’t recommend you enough! Thank you ❤️
— Natasha, Australia
My boy Rhubarb is missing and I asked Sema to do his portrait for me because I miss him so much! When his portrait arrived, I want to say, the photos on the website and facebook page do not do justice to the finished work that I received. She has an amazing gift, talent. I am thrilled with my boys portrait, I just wish he was here to see it. Thank you!
— Claire, UK
Sema did this amazing art of my best girl Mimi. I thought it was beautiful when she sent me the pictures but in person it just comes to life. I cried the first time I saw it. I still can’t believe how lifelike it is. If you have a pet that you love like a child you really owe it to yourself to let Sema do a portrait for you too. I am so happy that I did.
— Laura, USA
I lost my boy in December just before xmas and I have photos but wanted something different and new and this is just beyond words. Such a beautiful way to show my boy I love him. Thank you so so much, my boy looks amazing I love it so much! I almost burst into tears when i saw it. Thank you again. You are truly talented and I am so thankful. Really recommend this lady! Got it earlier than expected to. Very happy
— Lauren, UK
We love our dog Boris who we re-homed a year and a half ago. He has such a character and is a real member of our family. We had a photo of Boris which we wanted to capture as a drawing. Sema has captured his personality entirely in this artwork. We are thrilled at how it looks just like him and we will treasure this picture for many years. Sema is so talented, thank you!
— Carly, UK