Colour Pencil Pet Portraits in Chesterfield, Durham, Kent, Stirling, UK


I have lived and travelled to many places in the UK and there are so many more places I wish to go and explore. I lived in Kent for many years before moving to Sheffield for my university degree. When I graduated I moved to Bristol and then was relocated to Winchester. Afer a year abroad in France I moved back to Sheffield, got married, and now I live in Wales. Since becoming a professional Pet Portrait Artist I have had many clients from a mixture of areas including London, Kent, Durham, Chesterfield, Berkshire, Sheffield, Bristol, Reading and Rotherum. This has allowed me to gain the experience for drawing a wide range of cat and dog breeds.

‘Poppy’ - Tuxedo Cat Portrait in Stirling, UK

Poppy was drawn on A4 paper.

Copy of 'Poppy' - UK, 8.3 x 11.7 inches, 2018, Colour Pencil Tuxedo Cat Portrait by Sema Martin
poppy tucedo cat portrait reference picture

'Freddie' & 'Tabitha, Millie & Lucy' - Tuxedo Cat, Tortie Cat Portrait in Durham, UK

I have completed two colour pencil portraits for the same owner. One was an A5 size of her boy Freddie and the other was an A3 size with her three girls. the large one was created from individual images and drawn together on one page. You can see the reference pictures I used to draw from by going to my Cat Portrait Gallery.

'Tazzy' & 'Geri' - Horse and Dobermann Pinscher Portrait in Kent, UK

Geri is my first complete horse portrait on A3 Bristol Board paper. Tazzy the Dobermann Pinscher is also an A3 size portrait and they were both completed for the same owner. A3 is such a great size if you want to show lots of detail and really make an impact on your wall. You can see the reference pictures I used to draw from by going to my Dog Portrait Gallery and my Equine Portrait Gallery

'Brandy' - Dog Portrait in Chesterfield, UK

This colour pencil portrait of brandy was drawn from quite a blurry picture but I was able to pick out the details of the eyes and fur direction by other pictures given to me by the customer. It can be more difficult to draw from a bad photo but not impossible. Some people dont have many good pictures of their pets so I have developed the skill to draw from multiple reference pictures to create the desired pet portrait.

Me 26.jpg

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Sema Martin and I am a realism pet portrait artist based in Wales, UK.  I specialise in color pencil as a medium and have created many pet portraits for customers in the US, drawing from their reference photo sent to me by email. The high-quality brand of colour pencils used is a mixture of Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran D'ache Luminance on extra smooth Bristol Board paper.