Colour Pencil Pet Portraits in Singapore

colour pencil pet portraits in Singapore

Singapore looks like a stunning country and I would love to go one day. I have gained a few clients from Singapore since becoming a professional Pet Portrait Artist which has allowed me to gain the experience for drawing a wide range of cat breeds.

'Poopies, Quiche, Oceanz & Stitch' - Singapore

This is a large A3 portrait created from four different photos. The owner wanted them to look like a 'family' portrait but she had no pictures of them sitting together. Therefore I used selected posses and raw them together as if it was one picture. If you would like something similar then please contact me to discuss.

'Buddy' - Singapore

This portrait of Buddy was created from two reference photos. One shown below was used for the pose of the cat and the other was used for his real colouring as the first picture was too dark. This is a great way of having your portrait commissioned if you don't have the perfect picture. Contact me now to discuss your portrait!

sema martin pet portraits

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Sema Martin and I am a realism pet portrait artist based in Wales, UK. I specialise in colour pencil as a medium and have created many pet portraits for customers in Singapore drawing from their reference photo sent to me by email. The high-quality brand of colour pencils used is a mixture of Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran D'ache Luminance on extra smooth Bristol Board paper.