Returning from The Rainbow Bridge - Book Launch Giveaway

Returning from the Rainbow Bridge book launch giveaway

Have you lost your furry family member? Are you finding it hard to move forward without them? I know this pain all too well, but I am incredibly honoured to be a part of the launch for this new book ‘Returning from the Rainbow Bridge’ by Lisa Gravel. This gorgeous book is a compassionate guide that will walk you through this experience of loss with a workbook format which acts as a road map and a caring companion that will help navigate you and your family through your pain and loss. This workbook does not suggest that you “get over” your pain and loss; instead, it provides you with a way forward with your changed reality. Within these pages, you will be encouraged to remember, celebrate, and honour the full life of your animal family member.

The Give Away

I have been working closely with the author Lisa Gravel and I wanted to help her create something special with the launch of this new book. Therefore, I will be giving away a Custom Colour Pencil Portrait to five lucky winners, worldwide. YAY!

To enter this special giveaway, please ALL three of the following:

1.       Like their Facebook Page

2.       Share the story of you and your animal family member via email (, we would love to see pictures too.

3.       Buy* the book “Returning from The Rainbow Bridge” online.

If you would like an extra submission to win one of the custom portraits, you can create an online “Celebration of Life” for your animal family member which will be at a special introductory price for the next 10 weeks

*The book will be available through Amazon as of October 11, 2019

Returning from The Rainbow Bridge workbook mock up.png

Giveaway Dates:

1.       October 4 – October 17, 2019: Winner announced on October 18th

2.       October 18- October 31, 2019: Winner announced on November 1st

3.       November 1- November 14, 2019: Winner announced on November 15th

4.       November 15- November 28, 2019: Winner announced on November 29th

5.       November 29- December 12, 2019: Winner announced on December 13th

FIVE opportunities to win FIVE custom pet portraits.

All five winners will receive a Custom Colour Pencil Portrait (6 x 8 inches) of their beloved animal family member which will be drawn from a photo in February 2020 (since I have large waiting list). Winners will only pay for the shipping of their portrait.

The Author

LIsa Gravel Returning from The Rainbow Bridge

Lisa Gravel is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between animal and human beings.  This is her first published work, dedicated to those that have lost an animal family member.  Lisa has been a business and leadership development professional and entrepreneur for over 25 years.  Her love for animals began as a child and has carried through her life. She is committed to positively impacting the lives of animals. 

Holding a Master of Science in Organizational Development, Lisa is the founder of 4 Animal Family Members, Inc. which serves as a connecting point for three interrelated efforts- The Gathering Place, Paws and Whiskers and Returning from The Rainbow Bridge

Lisa is blessed with an amazing son, Jay. She is in search of her place to call home, which will also serve as the first location for The Gathering Place.

Share this giveaway with all your family and friends and anyone you know that has lost their furry friend.

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